Tesla Charging Station in Berks County, PA

Do you want to have car charging stations on your property? Perhaps you want to set up a public car charging station. If so, Keller Electric Inc. will be happy to install them for you in Berks County, PA.

Why Get Car Charging Stations?

As more electric cars hit the streets, they need places where they can charge up. Electric charging stations are still rare compared to traditional gas stations, so boasting something like a Tesla charging station can be a boost for your property. This shows that the environment is important to you.

What Car Charging Stations Can You Install?

Whether you have a few charging stalls at your business or set up a public car charging station, you can choose from a variety of car charging options.

Level or Type 1 chargers offer a slower charge but are good for hybrids that have smaller batteries. Level or Type 2 chargers are common at many car charging stations and offer a faster charge than Level 1 chargers. Finally, Level or Type 3 chargers are great for fast charges, which is critical when you have people traveling on road trips.

We can discuss all these options with you to decide which one you should go with.

Why Choose Us for Your Car Charging Installation?

We understand the importance of providing employees, customers, and visitors the opportunity of charging their electric or hybrid cars. With our experience in installing all types of car charging stations, we can implement customized solutions perfect for your needs.

You can depend on our qualified experience, exceptional training, and prompt responses to ensure that your car charging installation needs are in the right hands.

How Can You Learn More?

If you’re interested in car charging stations, then we are eager to talk to you. Please call us at 610-488-8566 or contact us online to get a free estimate.