Home Light Control Installation in Berks County, PA

Do you want the lighting in your home to be more efficient? If this is the case, you should consider installing a home light control system that can centralize and automate the lights in your home. Keeler Electric Inc., based in Berks County, PA, is highly experienced in electrical projects and can help you install this type of system. To learn more about installing light control, reach out to us today and ask us your questions.

Automate Your Lighting

Light control systems have many elements that can help you have more control over the lighting in your home as well as save you money on your electricity bill. These lighting systems may include dimmers, timers, and motion sensors that will adjust the lighting in a room based on when it’s being used and what your needs are. These systems can typically be linked to an app, so you can easily control the lights from your smartphone.

Choose Other Services

In addition to installing light control systems, we can work on any type of electrical project, from installation to maintenance to repair. We supply and install home generators that can provide you with reliable power if you need it. We can also install exterior lighting and integrate it into your landscaping design. Give us a call today to learn more about what kinds of services we offer.

Work With Us

With 26 years of experience, we are capable of handling any electrical project that you have. Our team consists of a licensed master electrician and several licensed journeyman electricians who are all fully insured. We perform high-quality work at a fair price for both homeowners and businesses. We are a proud family-owned and -operated business.

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