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What Our Customers are Saying . . .
Thank You, Fully Satisfied
  "They called back the same day and had the job done quick, clean and professional."
- - Ken, Bernville

Professional and Effective
  "Thanks For the prompt and courteous service!"
- - Arline A.

Short Notice
  "Ryan - Thanks so much for taking care of me on such short notice. I will recommend you to anyone who asks! I really appreciate your quick response & great service!"
- - Sharon D.

Highly Recommend Your Service
  "Ryan - Thank you for the wonderful job. Your workers were very professional and I will highly recommend your service to others. Thank you."
- - Linda


What You Probably Didn’t Know About Electricity . . .
50 million homes are approaching end of life on their wiring systems. 80 percent of homes in America have some level of outdated wiring.
Most banks, lending institutions and insurance companies will require a homeowner to upgrade the electrical system before buying or selling a house.
The majority of electrical accidents in the U.S. are due to defective equipment, unsafe installation, or misuse.
Space heaters account for more than two-thirds of the thermal burn injuries annually.
According to the National Fire Protection Association, every year, fires that start in electrical systems or lighting equipment result in 320 civilian deaths and 830 civilian (non-firefighter) injuries, with damage to more than 24,000 homes.
There are 400 electrocutions in the United States each year. 20% are caused by damaged, exposed or faulty household wiring.


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